I’m about halfway into writing my first novel. Though I have plenty of writing experience, this is my first real attempt at fiction. I’ve been surprised at the difficulty! Some of my skills transfer over; I still know the basic structure of the English language and I put commas in the right places more often than not, for example. But many other things are much different. The hardest change I’ve had to make is the order I present information.

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Python 3 Object-oriented Programming 3rd Edition My publisher unveiled the third edition of Python 3 Object-oriented Programming today! This has been the culmination of several months of work. Editing and updating the second edition was a pleasure. It was gratifying to discover that the content has aged well. This was not the case with the first edition; I did extensive restructuring and rewriting before I was satisfied with the second.

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Back in 2012, I wrote a book called Hacking Happy. It was my first self-published work, and I was actually surprised by how well it did without a publisher or marketing behind it. I had plenty of positive feedback including more than one hopefully exaggerated, “This book saved my life.” Most of the feedback was a bit more sedate, but I received a lot of private messages thanking me for writing it.

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Dusty Phillips

Canadian author and software developer.

Author and software developer

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