Python Object-oriented Programming 4th Edition

My publisher recently unveiled the fourth edition of Python Object-oriented Programming. This one has a new twist: I didn’t write it!

When Packt came to me with a request to do a fourth edition, my heart absolutely sunk. I was dealing with RSI so bad that I couldn’t type, and was coming off another failed writing project on Rust. I was having trouble keeping up with my day-job because of the wrist pain.

Taking on a new project just wasn’t in the cards. On top of that, I’ve become bored with this book. I’ve read it all the way through about 40 times by now. I’ve realized that I only have a certain number of keystrokes left in me, and that I want to devote them to new things instead of rehashing the same old.

While Packt was disappointed, they were also very understanding and were able to find an outstanding author to take up the torch. Steven Lott has written several books with Packt, and has an intimate knowledge of Python. He’s taken my existing content and updated it with new examples and type hints, and replaced the case studies with a running example that carries through each chapter in the book.

I still had my hand in this project as I tech-reviewed the whole edition and I can say unequivocally that it is better than ever.. I’m very happy to pass the torch to Steven and hope he’ll be able to keep it going for another four editions!