Dev Setup 2021

When I first encountered the Internet my peers and I thought it was great fun to share our dev setups. We were always optimizing and always looking for new ways to optimize. Not to mention showing off. I lost interest in this practice because I settled into a system that was sufficient for my needs. Also, I didn’t have time! But I’ve recently made a ton of changes to my workflow that some might be interested in, and I happen to have some time as I’m between jobs.

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Ten Years

2020 has been one of my best years ever. I know, right? Ten years ago, I spent the Christmas season at “5 North”; Medicine Hat’s psychiatric ward. The stay started with placing my signature on a piece of paper asserting that I would not try to kill myself for 24 hours. They asked for three days. I couldn’t promise that much time. As near as I can figure, I had been suicidal since I was eight years old.

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Dusty Phillips

Canadian author and software developer.

Author and software developer

New Brunswick, Canada