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I really appreciate Python’s pathlib module for managing filesystem stuff. While I don’t love the argparse module for command line parsing, I don’t think it’s worse than other available options. I usually choose it for my CLI scripts, since nothing else is good enough to overcome the inertia of using a third party library. Not many people seem to be aware that the two can very easily be combined such that argparse will return Path objects instead of strings that need to be adapted after you query them:

Parts in this series An Order to Learn to Program, Part 1 An Order to Learn to Program, Part 2 Part 2: HTML This is the second in a series on the order to study topics related to programming. There are countless resources out there for learning to code, so many that it becomes overwhelming to decide where to start. The goal of this series is to help you get introduced to the topic as gently as possible.

I accidentally started working on a new personal project for budgeting that I think others might be interested in. I haven’t open sourced any projects in quite a few years now, but if I actually finish an iteration of this project, I think I’ll probably share it under an open licence. While I’ll be running the service locally, it is implemented entirely in Javascript React, and could easily be deployed as a SAAS.

Parts in this series An Order to Learn to Program, Part 1 An Order to Learn to Program, Part 2 Part 1 Learning to program is hard. There are a few reasons this is the case: Programming itself is hard. However, this is less true than most people believe. Programming professionally is pretty difficult. But doing basic cool stuff that makes you feel accomplished is quite easy.

Hacking Happier

Back in 2012, I wrote a book called Hacking Happy. It was my first self-published work, and I was actually surprised by how well it did without a publisher or marketing behind it. I had plenty of positive feedback including more than one hopefully exaggerated, “This book saved my life.” Most of the feedback was a bit more sedate, but I received a lot of private messages thanking me for writing it.

I'm Back

Hi there, I’m Dusty. Welcome to my resurrected blog. I started a tech blog in 2007 that I maintained with regular posts for several years. While it was well-regarded at the time, I took it down in late 2016 for several reasons. First and most obviously, I became extremely busy, and simply did not have time to keep up the schedule and quality of my writing. That reduced availability coincided with my taking on a new role with Facebook in late 2013.