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Parts in this series An Order to Learn to Program, Part 1 An Order to Learn to Program, Part 2 An Order to Learn to Program, Part 3 An Order to Learn to Program, Part 4 Part 1 Learning to program is hard. There are a few reasons this is the case: Programming itself is hard. However, this is less true than most people believe. Programming professionally is pretty difficult.

Hacking Happier

Back in 2012, I wrote a book called Hacking Happy. It was my first self-published work, and I was actually surprised by how well it did without a publisher or marketing behind it. I had plenty of positive feedback including more than one hopefully exaggerated, “This book saved my life.” Most of the feedback was a bit more sedate, but I received a lot of private messages thanking me for writing it.

I'm Back

Hi there, I’m Dusty. Welcome to my resurrected blog. I started a tech blog in 2007 that I maintained with regular posts for several years. While it was well-regarded at the time, I took it down in late 2016 for several reasons. First and most obviously, I became extremely busy, and simply did not have time to keep up the schedule and quality of my writing. That reduced availability coincided with my taking on a new role with Facebook in late 2013.