Python 3 Object-oriented Programming 3rd Edition

My publisher unveiled the third edition of Python 3 Object-oriented Programming today! This has been the culmination of several months of work.

Editing and updating the second edition was a pleasure. It was gratifying to discover that the content has aged well. This was not the case with the first edition; I did extensive restructuring and rewriting before I was satisfied with the second.

In contrast, the existing content coming into in this third edition gave me a sense of pride as I reread it. Though I am sure I altered a sentence in every paragraph, the general structure remains unchanged.

In addition, the newest features from the newer Python versions are a lot of fun. I was delighted to introduce and explore f-strings, dataclasses, and async and await syntax, alongside many other language and standard library improvements.

I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Feel free to comment with any questions.