Introduction For basic syntax, functional programming does not feel that different from other paradigms. Sure, data and behaviour are separate, so you don’t have classes or objects or inheritance, but it feels relatively the same. This is especially true in Rescript, with the pipe-first syntax almost looking like a method lookup (comparable to the self object in Python). But if you go deeply into a study of functional languages, you start encountering bizarre words such as “monad” and “functor”.

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Introduction Polymorphic variants in Rescript are strange beasts. They aren’t generally that useful in pure Rescript programming, but are frequently necessary in binding to Javascript. Polymorphic variants are extremely flexible (too flexible), but one of the most common uses is to represent a list of constant strings that a JS binding can accept. For example, the ubiquitous on function used for event handlers typically takes a string as its first parameter, as in on("click".

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Parsing dynamic content such as JSON in a statically typed language can be rather daunting. This article voices some opinions about schemaless design and migrates some of the messy json parsing code from the standard library to the excellent jzon library.

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