I’ve spent much of my free time (if there is such a thing) over the past few years researching various esoteric programming languages for no reason whatsoever. Some of my favourites include Rescript and Gleam, which target the Javascript and Erlang ecosystems, respectively. But I’ve really been looking for something a little more native. It seems to me that there is a big gap on the language spectrum, somewhere between Rust and Go:

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UPDATE: I’ve updated the Inko Formula on Homebrew to 0.11.0, so you may just want to use brew install inko instead. That said, There are a few bugfixes on Inko that didn’t make it to the 0.11.0 release, so you may want to build off the main branch instead. I have a blog article in progress about why I’m super excited about the Inko Programming Language. It’s nowhere near completion, however, and I wanted to share how I got the latest version Inko running on MacOS (Ventura).

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Author and software developer

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