Instead of writing a new article on Rescript this weekend, I ended up writing an entire project in Rescript!

rescript-zora provides Rescript bindings to the lightning-fast zora unit testing framework. I chose zora because it has excellent SEO for “fastest javascript test framework”, and it deserves it.

Rescript has brought me a whole new level of appreciation for high speed tooling, and it seemed a shame to hook it up to one of the many bloated testing libraries out there. Zora certainly isn’t as featureful as some frameworks, but the speed is worth the tradeoffs.

To be fair, I haven’t used Zora in a real project yet, but I think it could pair very well with Rescript in the long run.

Note that rescript-zora is currently very beta software that depends on very beta software. Once Rescript 9.1.1 is released and the new Js.Promises2 library is integrated, it will be ready for prime time. For now, it works if you’re willing to run on the bleeding edge…

Pull requests welcome!