My wife and I have been working on Fablehenge—a writing app for novelists—for several years. It had been a free time project where we’d push hard over a few weekends, then let it sit idle for a couple months perhaps tinkering in the evenings when we had a bit of time.

At the beginning of this year, I decided to take a sabbatical, which was supposed to involve cutting new hiking trails and woodworking. While it has done that, I found I’ve also been working on Fablehenge (more or less) full time.

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Goals Vs Happiness

I am not a productivity coach. I don’t even like the concept of a productivity coach. I’m also not a mental health coach, although I am successfully managing mental illness, and I assure anyone dealing with depression, mania, or anxiety right now, that you matter. Things can and will get better. I haven’t written much about mental health since I rebooted my blog. Today, I want to talk about how goals affect our state of mind.

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Dusty Phillips

Canadian author and software developer.

Author and software developer

New Brunswick, Canada