Dexie Cloud was released publicly today, and I love this product so much that I want to lend my voice to the marketing effort.

Dexie.js is an incredible library for interacting with IndexedDB in the browser. It wraps the sometimes-obtuse (and oft-buggy) IndexedDB APIs with much more developer-friendly interfaces. And it is fully reactive; if you change something in the database, your React, Svelte, Vue, Angular, or Solid.js (Solid support is weak) app will live update all by itself! It’s a truly heavenly coding experience.

However, web users do not live in a vacuum, and storing things in IndexedDB is fraught. The browser may delete that data on a whim, and who among us only has one device these days? You might be able to use IndexedDB as a cache, but it can’t be your source of truth.

Until today.

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Introduction I’ve been writing plenty about Rescript this year, although I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus to focus on developing a couple (Rescript) open source libraries. I wanted to get back into blogging to answer one of the most confusing questions in the Rescript community: What is ReasonML and how does it relate to Rescript? However, it has grown into something quite a bit bigger. Instead, we’ll be talking about the relationships between a collection of several interrelated languages, and I’ll give my opinion on which you should use.

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As hinted in some of my recent articles on Rescript, I’ve been working on bindings to the wonderful Dexie interface to IndexedDB. It’s finally ready to announce to the world (in a fairly beta format)! rescript-dexie depends on a recent version of Rescript and the rescript-promise library. It’s still fairly beta and I haven’t covered all the features Dexie packs in yet, but the basics are working well. It feels intuitive and gives the right mix of sound type safety and easy call sites.

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