Dusty Phillips is a Canadian software developer and author. He’s been developing software for well over half his life. He spent most of his career writing Python in a wide variety of contexts: freelance consultant, first engineer at a 2 person startup, director of engineering at a startup, engineer at Facebook, a stint with the United Nations to name a few. He’s written a few books along the way with more to come. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Information systems from Athabasca University and a Masters in Computer Science and Engineering from York University. He has contributed to numerous open source projects, most notably Arch Linux and various Python projects. He also co-founded the popular Puget Sound Programming Python meetup in the Seattle area.

Dusty lives in idyllic New Brunswick with his wife Jennifer Pierce. His ever-changing hobbies currently include studying, hiking, coding, reading, writing, and woodworking.

He is currently guiding the development of education systems as Principal Engineer at Top Hat and not interested in new job opportunities.