Introduction This is the second in a series of articles exploring the Gleam programming language. The first article explored some of the most basic features of Gleam; just enough to say hello. Hello is basically the first thing we learn in any language (whether human or programming). This article explores looping in Gleam. More specifically, it explores the fact that Gleam doesn’t have any looping constructs. That’s right: none.

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Introduction Gleam is a newish programming language that I recently stumbled upon. It is so little-known that there aren’t really any tutorials available on it (even on the official documentation), so I decided to write my own. Gleam transpiles to Javascript and Erlang. I’ll be focusing my attention on the Erlang side of things, as it is more mature. And to be honest, I don’t feel any reason to replace Rescript, my go-to transpires-to-Javascript language.

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Introduction I was basically flat with an illness (yes, that one) on my back for two weeks in March. I could do little more than read articles on my tablet, and for reasons I cannot explain, I began chainsmoking the documentation for as many little-known languages as I could find. I honestly don’t know why. In the fog of illness, it just seemled a fun thing to do. I’m weird.

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Author and software developer

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